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. protestors marched in the streets, demanding justice for andy lopez. details of the rally coming up. and police are searching for someone who could hold the key to understanding lynne first spalding's death at san francisco general hospital. good morning. it is wednesday, october 30th. i'm james fletcher. and im anny hong family and friends gathered together to remeber 13 year old andy lopez. they said their goodbyes to , him last night at his public funeral. many who attended the funeral did not know lopez but wanted to show there support. andy's mother was so upset and overcome by grief she kept her face hidden. while many friends say they are trying to remember the good times they had with him. 13 year old andy lopez was funeral tonight. he was shot seven times october 22nd - as he carried a replica gun that a deputy thought was a real assault rifle. now - there's a growing divide between the people of santa rosa and the police force. kron 4's j.r. stone has the story. andy lopez was shot seven times by sonoma county sheriff erick gelhaus on october 22nd as he was carrying a repl
in santa rosa this morning for 13-year-old andy lopez, killed by a sonoma, sheriff deputy. thanks for joining us. >> investigators are reviewing surveillance video as lax. we will tell you what is going on with the shooting free that happened in los angeles on friday. the gunman targeted t.s.a. officers but the motive is still not clear. an officer was killed, two were wounded. now more from los angeles on this story. >> paul ciancia arrived at the airport on friday like a regular passenger. we have learned a roommate dropped him off at terminal 3 unaware of the plan. according to the complaint, surveillance video shows ciancia walking up to the check point pulling out an assault rifle and shooting dass officer gerardo hernandez pointblank. the document also says that the gunman walked away but he saw the wounded officer moving, he came back and shot him again, killing him. >> this is the first t.s.a. employee killed in the line of duty. >> the f.b.i. says ciancia shot his way through the terminal wounding two other officers and a teacher, shot in the leg. >> he dragged himself in
. >> catherine: hundreds of people marched through santa rosa today. saying they want justice for andy lopez. two rallies merged into one on the campus of santa rosa junior college. then the group marched across town to the headquarters of the sonoma county sheriff's department. >> reporter: a very emotional night at santa rosa. we're talking about hundreds of people march showed up at the church for in the lopez and they'd just wrapped up in the last half an hour. you can see in this video shot the casket of and the lopez holding his body. his family surrounding the casket. people are entering the church and coming out of the church this evening. they are saying their goodbyes to the 13 year-old who was shot by the deputy last week. emotions here ran high. >> (crying) as a mother and i would hope that things would change in the community i will i really feel sorry for his mother. >> when i saw him come out of the car is heartbreaking you know? i had to lead it was very hard to justin and there. had to leave. the poor >> reporter: 10 live in santa rosa j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> catherine: protes
sheriff deputy shot a 13-year-old andy lopez carrying an replica of an ak 47 when the deputy opened fire. more from the deputy that pulled the trigger and growing backlash against him. >> we have more and heard from the sheriff of sonoma county this, story keeps growing, changes and keeps evolving like that memorial over my shoulder, candles burned out. some flowers wilted in the spot where a deputy shot and killed a 13-year-old andy lopez last week but the story remains fresh. begin with sieging anger of the latino community. >> maddening what they did. >> today's sheriff stepped forward to answer general questions. >> i don't believe racism is involved in this case. many people know the sheriff's office and me have done much in the past three years to build bridge was the latino community. >> six days after the shooting we learned about the deputy who mistook a pellet gun for an ak 47, putting seven bullets into, and through, andy lopez. the sheriff deputy has a name, a history. his name, eric gels house. he's a firearms instructor, a national figure. a writer on the subject of deadly
are learning more details on the death of a 13 year-old ind the boy andy lopez who was shot had toy replica guns the police thought that it was a real gun. will tran? >> reporter: the santa rosa police department is investigating this. i am at the scene, last tuesday, this was a field but according to the community it is turned into a crime scene. he was carrying his rifle gun. and it was a toy gun there was no way that the deputies could of known the difference. they said that he should ha dropped the replica. deputies felt threatened and opened fire. since then, there has been one of march. there was one on friday that wa many. and now, the one to make sure that the prosecutors will do a thorough job. with a 5 hour rally. portions of santa rosa, and also going to santa rosa of making sure that they understand that they are very upset over this shooting. he was only a 13 year-old boy. he had also, that he was carrying a replica guns. the deputies that fired should have known the difference >> thank-you. wheat to know more about that deputy that fired the shots. 48 year-old eric galhous he
shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy. deputies say 13-year-old, andy lopez, was carrying a replica assault weapon when he was shot and killed. the police department later found out that gun wasn't real. >> he had dreams and someone took that away from him. he had a life to live and he only was able to live it to 13. that is hard. >> hundreds gathered at his memorial service sunday. maligned >> a sea of mourners wore white shirts with photos of andy on them. the family says the teen and his siblings are good children that were raised well. they say they will have an account set up for people who would like to donate to andy lopez's funeral. >> the men sampras's go police say shot after an attempted robbery and assault in the marina district remains in the hospital this morning. the incident happened about 1:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. police say that the suspect tried to rob someone using the atm at chestnut and paris. the suspect fired seven rounds and ran down the street. when police arrived the hispanic male suspect took off running then, officers said that he turned towards him
and killed a 13-year-old boy, andy lopez who police say was holding a replica of an ak 47. wayne freedman has more and reports tonight the sheriff has broken his silence. >> when investigators from santa rosa police department arrived at the sheriff's office this afternoon, they weren't saying much about last week's shooting death of the 13-year-old andy lopez but the sheriff's department opened up a little today in the form of the sheriff himself. >> they can never take back what happened. we can express our sorrow to the lopez family and kmuchbl kmuchblt -- community. the way we make it right so to speak is cooperate fully with the investigation being conducted by the santa rosa and petaluma police departments, cooperate with the district attorney's office and then, grand jury when they review the case after the district attorney. >> at place where a sheriff deputy shot andy lopez seven times for carrying a pellet-shooting replica of an ak 47, more anger its maddening what they did. they used excessive force so justice is that that one sheriff, that one sheriff, the one that did it to get p
county deputy who shot and killed 13-year old andy lopez last week in santa rosa. the deputy has been been identified as 48-year-old erick gelhaus. a 24-year veteran of the sheriff's office. he is also a field training officer and firearms instructor. he and another deputy were on patrol when they spotted lopez with what turned out to be a replica a-k-47. several agencies are investigating - including the f.b.i. but it's gelhaus' own words that are putting his actions >> in an article he wrote in swat magazine back in november 2008, he said -- "today is the day you may need to kill someone in order to go home. somebody needs to be in charge, so make a decision." >> and in the same article, he said "when you are caught in an ambush, you need to make your decisions immediately and carry them out just as quickly. you need to shut down the bad guys who initiated the ambush so that you can go home." >> hundreds of people are expected to march through downtown santa rosa tuesday afternoon to protest the fatal shooting of a 13-year-old andy lopez by sonoma county sheriff's deputy erick gelha
with abc7 news today. 13-year-old andy lopez was carrying a toy gun that looked real when the officer opened fire. deputy eric goalhouse's lawyer says he feels terrible about the loss of the young man but he believes he had no other option but to fire his weapon. vic lee in the newsroom with more for us. vick? >> reporter: abc7 news has learned that andy lopez's family has filed claim against sonoma county and the sheriff's office. here it s it was just filed today. now, the county has six months to either accept it or reject it. if that happens, the family would most likely file a lawsuit. the claimant is andy lopez mother. the claim says the 13-year-old was killed unjustifiably and charges that the sheriff's office failed to develop adequate training policies for the use of lethal force. it does not specify an amount for damages. deputy goalhouse has been placed on paid administrative leave during the investigation. >> we feel for the loss of this young man's life. he feels for the loss for the family, for the community. >> reporter: but deputy eric goalhouse's lawyer, terry leone,
teenager. the sheriff has confirmed that the deputy fired the shots that killed 13-year-old andy lopez while caring a toy rifle that resembled an ak-47. he is 48 years old and one of 26 range master's in the department and has not been crimed. he has handled field training of officers. the f.b.i. is looking into the shooting with other local agencies. >> san francisco city parks and recreation worker accused of running over a sunbather wrapped up a court hearing and driving restrictions have been imposed for the 58-year-old thomas 35-year-old mother in a city vehicle. the defense attorney says that he swerved to avoid hitting aing do. >> celebrity chef will testify in a marin county courtroom today in the attempted murder and car theft case of 19-year-old max wade, accused of stealing his lamborghini from a repair shop in san francisco in order to impress a girl. investigators say wade then tried to kill her and her boyfriend when she rejected wade. the defense says this is no evidence linking waited to the crime. >> the alameda county district attorney will open an investigation into
-year-old boy by a sonoma county sheriff deputy. andy lopez was shot while olding an assault rifle designed to look like an ak-47. an attorney for the family said they are filing a federal claim alleging his civil rights were violated. the family is planning a news conference in san francisco on monday to discuss legal action against sonoma county. the "san francisco chronicle" reports that the for who fired the shots, deputy erick gelhaus has hired a lawyer who says he feels for the loss of life but responding properly to a threat. >> the state public utilities commission approved new safety rules for bart and other transit agencies. the vote was nap. the rules go into effect immediately. the new rules come after a deadly accident this month during the bart strike when two bart workers were killed while inspecting tracks. a trainee was operating the train. under the rules, they must immediately create a three listen way communications system between central command, train operators and wayside workers covering san francisco's muni and the santa clara valley transportation authorit
the county. the controversial shooting of andy lopez happened two weeks ago in santa rosa. the 13-year-old was shot and killed while carrying a toy gun that looked like an assault rifle. the civil rights lawsuit claims the sheriff's department encourages the use of deadly force even when there's no threat to public safety. now, the sheriff's department says this investigation is still in the early stages and says the lawsuit is premature. >>> the city of sunnyvale may be getting tougher gun control laws if voters pass a new measure tomorrow. it's a controversial issue. janine de la vega is in sunnyvale to tell us more about what's going on out there. what people are saying. >> reporter: dave, whenever the issue of gun control comes up, people have passionate opinions. one man says he thinks more regulates -- regular lates are needed -- regulations are needed. this measure would require anyone whose gun is lost or stolen to inform police within 48 hours. and it requires those who sell ammunition to log and track sales. a local gun store is against the measure. opponents say it will not
-old andy lopez is filing a civil rights lawsuit in his shooting death by snow may county sheriff deputy filing the suit in san francisco today. andy was shot october 22 wild holding a -- while holding a toy gun that looked like an ak-47. the deputy appeared to be agitated when an man was stopped for making an unsafe lane change and the officer asked him to turn off the vehicle. at that point i put my hand out and i said, sir, the vehicle is off and he again screamed the same thing. >> erick gelhaus' attorney said he would only draw the gun if he saw a need. >> union police have a sear flash -- serial flasher in custody. this photo is the 20-year-old flasher facing 11 couples of exposure following a ten month investigation that started in november of last year. he spent months exposing himself at two parks in union city. police are asking anyone with information of the incidents to come forward. >> the oakland a's could make themselves feel at home at san francisco's at&t park as they try to hammer out a new lease at the existing home. multiple media reports say the a's won a two year le
, they said. among the people today, andy lopez's older brother, 17-year-old anthony. the family has not spoken formally. anthony told us how they're dealing with the loss. >> they're hanging in there. it's hard on everyone. the house isn't the same anymore. >> reporter: how so? >> just quiet. just feels like there is a void in the house. >> reporter: deputy gelhaus says he fired because he was pointing the weapon at him. anthony says his brother was 13 years old, he was a kid, that he froze and probably needed more time. >> thank you. >> it's been a busy day. still head on abc7 news what happened inside of the caldecott tunnel today. it sent smoke billowing out along with a number of panicked drivers. >> also, an incident at discovery kingdom. find out how she's doing. >>> a mild note but what will the weekend bring? the accu-weather forecast is coming up. >> and remarkable work of a bay area engineering firm finding low-cost solutions to expensive prprprprprpr >>> traffic back to normal after a frightening scene in the caldecott tunnel. a fire caught fire, filling the tunnel with
the shootng death of 13-year old andy lopez santa rosa police say a witness who was in the area heard sheriff deputy erick gelhaus order lopez twice to drop what he believed was an ak-47 rifle twice. and gelhaus himself said he knows he yelled at least once to lopez to drop the rifle. but gelhaus said he is unsure whether he identified himself as a sheriff's deputy. police also say lopez was wearing a hooded sweatshirt but his hood was down. lopez was also not wearing andy headphones or earbuds. also, police say a second deputy was with gelhaus in the car, but by the time the second deputy got out of the car, the subject was engaged and the threat was the teenager charged with saw trying to shoot a romantic rival and stealing the lamborghini of celebrity chef guy fieri was found guilit in marin county. 19 year old max wade was found guilty of one count of premeditated attempted murder for firing shots into a pick up truck in april of 2012. he was also found guilty of auto theft and posession of stolen property in connection with the 2011 theft of a lamborghini belonging to celebrity chef guy
: the family of andy lopez is suing the sonoma county sheriff's office. the 13-year-old was shot and killed by >> catherine: a deputy -- erick gelhaus. the lawsuit says in part that the department did not properly train its deputies in using deadly force. gelhaus shot lopez october 22nd after he reported seeing the teenager carrying an assault rifle -- which turned out to be a replica. >> catherine: happening now -- >> catherine: two of bart's unions have been voting on a new contract deal - that ended a strike earlier this month. they'll be doing that until around 10-pm - and the results could be in late tonight. kron4's philippe djegal is live in oakland where voting is still underway. philippe? >> i bolted yes. we were seized if their pay raise and were promised better safety. >> reporter: union leaders said the small turnout says that in simple majority vote is needed. the president of that union confirms that a boat is being held tonight. >> the vote is the board to vote yes and then the contract passes. going into effect immediately i believe. >> reporter: union leaders say the result
unconstitutional. the lawsuit alleges the deputy shot andy lopez without reasonable cause and that is what violates the boy's fourth amendment. almost two weeks ago the deputy mistook that boy's replica rifle for a real life ak-47 and then shot him a total of seven times. the deputy claims the boy started to point that replica directly at him and the deputy says he feared for his life. >>> in the south bay this morning, a suspect is in custody in connection to a deadly shooting in downtown san jose. this happened early yesterday morning on morrison avenue. police say a man in his 30s was shot at least once. family members drove him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. in less than an hour, police say the suspect, who apparently knew his victim, was in custody. >> maybe 4:30, 5:00 in the morning some shots were fired down here at the end of the block. maybe four or five. >> the shooting marks the city's 39th homicide this year. that's five more than san jose had at the same time last year. >>> this morning san francisco police investigating a crash, a tragic crash that killed a man in a whe
. >> the family of 13 year old andy lopez plans to file a civil rights lawsuit monday against sonoma county. lopez is a 30 year-old boy shot and killed by a deputy who spotted him carrying an assault rifle which turned out to be a replica the family claims that the deputy shot lopez without cause. >> and says that the department did not properly trained deputies in such situations. >> the county has not commented. >> scary moments friday morning in the caldecott tunnel when a car heading eastbound in the first or caught on fire. we have video of the scene taken by a beer before heavy smoke made it hard to see inside the tunnel. people got out of their cars, mostly keeping calm. kron4 is haazig menu was at the scene and tells us what happened. >> there is only one way men and one way out so when the fire happened people could not get out of their cars to get out of the towel. >> there were no injuries we only see people being transported for smoke inhalation and transported to hospital for precautionary purposes. >> the driver of the burning vehicle also make it out safely. >> oakland and render fi
the funeral of the 13-year-old andy lopez police lieutenant told us the veteran deputy jumped out and opened fire while his deputy in training was in the process of stopping the car and taking cover behind the door. between the thooim time they spotd and called in the sighting of andy with a replica ak 47 and the time the deputy shot him, ten seconds elapsed. >> by the time he was capable of engaging the subject, the threat no longer existed. >> reporter: last week a witness said he sought car and warned andy but the detective says the deputy told andy twice to put down the gun before opening fire we asked if the deputy identified himself before he opened fire on andy. and we were told he says he can't remember whether he identified himself. however, we're told it's not a requirement to do so. >> thank you. >>> several people in the hospital after a major crash in a busy san francisco intersection. police say the driver ran a red light and the crash left a lexus suv flipped over, as you can see. two other cars were damaged officials say injuries are not life threatening which is great news
weapons. >> coming up at 5:00 andy lopez, a teenager shot to death by a sheriff's deputy for the first time you're going to hear from his brother, at 5:00. and you heard about the launch of the new ipad. at 5:00 how the debut was interrupted here in the bay area. join us coming up to thosuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 800-675-2607. to those whoworried...... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631. >>> a controversial gun show is returning to the bay area. >> buyers and sellers will be back at the cow palace this weekend
off at the airport and clays he didn't know what he had planned. >> the family of 13-year-old andy lopez will file a civil rights lawsuit in his death. he was shot and killed by sonoma county sheriff deputy wild holing a -- while holding a toy >> police are stepping up a patrol after a spike in robberies targeting students with stock market phone. there have been three incidents on cal campus since wednesday and a dozen in the last month. >> the oakland a's could be moving to...san francisco. major league baseball is pitching the idea they play at at&t park if they are unable to secure a new lease at the coliseum. it would be temporary, but amy hollyfield will have more at 5:30. >> six, you can see how clear as we hook from the east bay hills with the breezes up in the hills but not in the valleys. we have the winds of change bringing warmer weather into the seven-day forecast. >> we have a car fire burning along westbound 80 and we have debris in lanes but looking behind me, this is an indication of what we have across the bay area with clear conditions on the bay bridge toll plaz
and octavia boulevard. >>> and happening today, the family of 13-year-old andy lopez plans to file a federal suit against sonoma county and the sheriff's deputy mo shot and killed the teen. the family has already filed three wrongful death claims in the case. deputy eric gel house shot and killed lopez last month. the boy was carrying a pellet gun that looked like a real assault rifle. >>> spike in campus price has police at uc berkeley stepping up efforts to keep students safe and their belongings protected. kpix 5's brian webb tells us how students are now taking their own precautions. >> reporter: crime on berkeley's campus is up this year. way up. and students are talking. >> you automatics see like a new store -- always see like a new story every day. like somebody is getting robbed. >> i heard people have gotten mugged on campus more than usual and i hear there has been a few cases. >> reporter: the student newspaper shows technology is the target from iphones to laptops, and students walking by themselves are often the victims. >> i think for women and especially at nighttime crime is
of the car is cooperate being police. >>> happening today in san francisco the family of 13-year-old andy lopez plan to file a federal suit against sonoma county and the sheriff's deputy who shot and killed the teen. the family has already filed three wrongful death claims in the case. deputy eric gill house shot and killed lopez last month. the boy was carrying a pellet gun at the time that looked like a assault rifle. >>> a woman of killing a couple in menlo park is scheduled in court this afternoon. bail is set at $2 million for 54-year-old majorie rightsle. her blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit when she allegedly hit and killed the couple. >>> a spike in crime has police at uc berkeley stepping up efforts to keep students safe. kpix 5's brian webb tells us how students are taking their own precautions. >> reporter: crime on berkeley's campus is up this year. way up. and students are talking. you always see like a new story every day. just like somebody is getting robbed in south side. >> i heard that people have gotten mugged on campus more than usual, and i hear
. >> they say they will have an account set up for the people who would like to build a two andy lopez's general. >> we are tracking a cold front bring in some snow to the sierra periods >> i will be walking you through monday's forecast when we come back. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home. like the enticing aroma and distinctive taste of nespresso. elegant capsules meet masterfully crafted machines, and one touch creates the perfect coffee, cappuccino, and latte. ♪ tempt all your senses with one extraordinary coffee. [ penélope cruz ] nespresso. what else? [ male announcer ] available at these fine retailers and welcome back we're keeping our eyes on bay area weather we have a live look here showing snow around lake tahoe. >> this is a video here there is a few inches of snow on the ground and lake tahoe with a weather advisory. >> we are getting excited about the ski in season. >> we have cold temperatures and cloudy conditions and temperatures on the close eye but no snow for us and that's no is in the sierra. >> take a look at futurecast you will s
-year- old andy lopez. the boy's mother filed the claim yesterday. she says her son was unjustly killed by deputy erick gelhaus. the claim says that the sheriff's office failed to develop adequate training policies for using deadly force. it does not specify an amount for damages. gelhaus shot lopez on october 22nd after he reported seeing the teen carrying a replica ak-47. >> >> a developing story this morning. police respond to 9-1-1 calls and find a woman wounds. tennyson road and sleepy kron four's mike pelton is live at the scene with an mike? >> this is all to rob the morning that residence at this apartment complex stated that shootings have beefed come common here. the police told me that they have little to go on. emergency crews were loading the victim and taking her to the hospital. police say that about 11:00 p.m. last night they heard--received a call about shots being fired. this from a woman in the parking lot suffering from gunshot wounds. they're trying to figure out who she is and that they have few leads. >> a neighbor stated that they have had problems with guns and
of a 13-year-old boy. hundreds gathered in winsor yesterday to pay respect to andy lopez. last week a deputy shot lopez seven times killing him. the fbi is now conducting an independent investigation. >>> whipping winds caused a scene in the bay area from toppling trees and knocking out power to overturning big rigs. the strength of the winds quite evident. at least one truck driver suffered minor injuries. >>> they died down a bit. let's look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good morning, marla. the winds are dropping off. we saw gusts to 75 miles per hour through the altamont pass. this morning we still have pretty strong speeds that will be the case the next few hours. as we progress throughout the day the winds will drop off and the shower chances increase. best chance later today in the south bay and east bay. 63 degrees in concord, 61 san jose, it's going to be cold. then we warm up tuesday into wednesday, upper 60s to low 70s return. here is mike inouye and your drive. >> we have returned to your coliseum. during the 6:00 hour we had a back
and the county. claiming the shooting was unconstitutional. the lawsuit alleges the deputy shot andy lopez without reasonable cause and that violated the boy's fourth amendment. almost two weeks ago the deputy mistook the boy's replica rifle for a real ak-47 and shot him seven times. the deputy claims the boy started to pointvj$ that at hid he feared for his life. we'll keep you posted on that. monday morning, how's it looking? >> pretty good, jon. let's start with the weather headlines. breezy to windy. a warm-up through wednesday. and then the big story is we are looking toward the return of shower chances into the end of the week and this weekend. 73 degrees for livermore, 69 in fremont, 70 here in san jose. looking good for slight warming tomorrow, we'll peak on wednesday. the clouds will increase and the best chance for rain looks like late saturday into sunday, mostly north of the golden gate bridge. good morning to mike. >> a lot of folks got a running start for the commute. that's caused additional bogdown. slow all over for the bay. we're looking to the south bay. jamming where i
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